Thursday, June 30, 2011

KnitPicks IDP

... aka the Independent Designer Program, of which KnitDesign by Caroline is now officially a part! They've been a pleasure to work with. The patterns now available through KnitPicks are:

Octavia's Garlands Lace Shawl (abridged version) - $4.99 US

Octavia's Armwarmers - $3.99 US

HarpStrings Double-Knit Accent Scarf - $4.99 US

So, you ask, what are the differences between patterns sold through KnitPicks versus those sold through Ravelry or Patternfish?

For one thing, the prices. KnitPicks has set prices from $1.99-$4.99 (US). Purchasing one of my patterns through them means you get a bit of a discount. However, I want to be fair to those who buy the patterns at the higher prices. The KnitPicks patterns, while producing the same garment, have a different layout and different photos. They are "Special KnitPicks Edition" versions. The yarn colors have been changed to reflect colors that are currently produced. As a knitter, something I appreciate is the Kit Builder option on each pattern page. It makes it easy for new knitters to find and order appropriate KnitPicks yarn for the pattern while showing images of the available colors for the chosen yarn.

Also, The Octavia's Garlands Shawl available from KnitPicks has two song options - Twinkle, Twinkle and up-and-down scales. The full price version from Ravelry and Patternfish contains seven musical options plus a blank chart to insert your own music. Choose your priorities. :)

And now, my little chickadees, you may be wondering why there haven't been new patterns in awhile. Rest assured, there will be some soon, once blocking and photography are completed. The past few weeks have involved working on the three KnitPicks patterns and a forthcoming yarn company pattern. That project shall remain nameless until such time as it is officially released this autumn, but I'll post about it then all right! The yarn is absolutely yummy, and I'm really enjoying working with it. Meanwhile, I've been helping clean and paint a house containing a "Mamie Pink" bathroom. The tiles are a combination of white and warm pink. It was a bit hard finding a way to decorate it that neither looked overwhelming nor required us to remove the vintage tiles. We chose "Coconut Scent" (pale warm yellow) for the walls and white curtains with battenburg lace edging. The end result was warm, pleasant and airy - I think we met our goals. Here's a photo:

Until next time, Happy Knitting!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Strawberry Diamonds Scarf

Traditional Orenburg patterns (large strawberries and diagonals) grace a delicate yet substantial reversible lace scarf.

The 3 page PDF includes color photos, including closeups of the lace medallion. Though it looks complex, the pattern works up quickly. Patterning occurs only on right side rows - all wrong side rows are knitted. The lace medallion pattern is included in both charted and written form. You can use whichever format which is easiest for you.

The scarf shown used 2 skeins of Reynolds Kids Wash-Day Wool (100% superwash) in color Red. Since gauge is not critical for this project, the scarf can be worked in any yarn. Using needles appropriate for your chosen yarn, follow the pattern until the scarf is the desired length or you run out of yarn.

Strawberry Diamonds Scarf
$5.95 at Ravelry

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Busy busy busy! and a new pattern: Victoria's Violets

Despite the lack of new patterns, the past 3 weeks have been busy for me design-wise. Three of my already existing patterns will soon be available on KnitPicks as part of their Independent Designers Program. This is exciting to me as a long-term KnitPicks customer (I love their yarn, and I'd say that even if they weren't going to sell my patterns) and a relatively new designer. Since the original designs were knit with discontinued colors, they needed to be made again with colors that are currently produced. I hope you like the new color choices - I do!

The patterns that have been submitted are the Octavia's Garlands Shawl and Armwarmers and the Harpstrings Double-Knit Scarf. You'll find that the prices are different with KnitPicks - lower, though not by much. I do want to be fair to those who have already purchased (or who will purchase) these patterns at the higher prices. The KnitPicks versions are special editions, with different layout and photos than the originals. The shawl contains two music options (Twinkle, Twinkle and the scale), as opposed to the 7 options plus blank staff chart contained in the full-price version. I hope everyone will find a choice that works for them!

In other news, one of my designs has been accepted for a yarn company's fall pattern line. I can't say any more about it now, except that I'm very excited about this, too. The pattern is coming along well, and k nitting of the sample will hopefully begin within the week. I'll be sure to post when the pattern is released.

Meanwhile, a new pattern has been released today for your enjoyment: Victoria's Violets Lace Collar, available for $5.95 from Ravelry. It's dressier than a cowl and stays in place better than a shawl. It would make a lightweight yet very warm layer beneath a coat, thanks to the laceweight alpaca yarn. The 6-page PDF includes charts and written directions for the lace collar, border, and inset patterns, as well as closeup photos of each lace section. Detailed instructions guide you each step of the way.