* YO, K2tog * Rep from * to *. What does it mean? It's like another language! You'll find these abbreviations and more in most modern knitting patterns. Here's a handy list for translating them. The abbreviations below are fairly standard for North American knitting patterns, and are the ones you'll find in patterns from KnitDesign by Caroline.

"    inches
[ ]    repeat instruction as many times as noted
* *    repeat instructions within *'s as noted
** **    repeat instructions within **'s as noted
alt    alternate
approx    approximately
beg    begin / beginning
bet    between
BO    bind off
CC    contrast color
CDD    centered double decrease
cm    centimeters
cn    cable needle
CO    cast on
cont    continue
dpn(s)    double pointed needle(s)
inc    increase
K, k    knit
K1b    knit 1 st tbl
k2tog    knit 2 together
k3tog    knit 3 together
kfb    knit into front and back of stitch
kwise    knitwise
LH    lefthand
M1    make one stitch
M1R    make one right
MC    main color
mm    millimeters
oz    ounce(s)
PU    pickup
P, p    purl
pat    pattern
pm    place marker
prev    previous
psso    pass slipped stitch over
pwise    purlwise
R    row / round
rem    remain(ing)
rep    repeat
Rev St st    reverse stockinette stitch
RH    right hand
rnd(s)    round(s)
RS    right side
sk    skip
sk2p    sl 1, k2tog, psso the k2tog (2 st dec'd)
skp    sl1, k1, psso
sl    slip
sl st(s)    slip stitch(es)
sm    slip marker
ssk    sl, sl, k these 2 tog
sssk    sl, sl, sl, k these 3 tog
St st    stockinette stitch
st(s)    stitch(es)
tbl    through back loop
tfl    through front loop
tog    together
w&t    wrap and turn
WS    wrong side
wyib    with yarn in back
wyif    with yarn in front
yd(s)    yard(s)
YO    yarn over

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  1. Caroline: I recently purchased"'cloche encounter" and do not understand what you mean by "wedge". Can you please clarify?