Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Redoing a kitchen, and a new pattern

So sorry haven't blogged - too tired! Helping redo a house for eventual resale. It's a 50's house with lots of character. This stage: the dreaded KITCHEN. The (orange and green!) wallpaper has now been removed from above the (pink!) stovetop. Took all cabinet doors & drawers off yesterday; today, emptied them. So. Many. Mugs. Tomorrow: painting doors, drawers and facings - first coat, maybe second. Wouldn't that be great?

Meanwhile, I have two pieces of happy knitting news for you. First, Patternfish's 10,000th Design Competition is nearing its end. All the patterns are in and the finalists have been chosen. Head over there now to see the designs and cast your vote. It's hard to choose. My favorites: Angela Juergens' Magic Lace Cardigan, Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer's Dragonfly Dreams beaded scarf, and Lotte Wackerhagen's Shawl With Plaited Border. There's also a Contestants' Collection with 19 more designs. You'll find my latest, Inca Glory, there, along with 18 other patterns. While I was a ittle disappointed that my design isn't one of the finalists, I feel I'm in good company - some of the other runners-up are drop-dead gorgeous. (I'm looking at YOU, Cherry Blossom Haori!) Inca Glory is a flutter-sleeved stockinette-based cardigan with a large lace sun medallion on the back. It's knit top-down and is seamless; the only sewing needed is for the buttons and (optional) snaps. Fit is easy around the middle, and the light weight and short sleeves make it a practical project to work up now so it will be ready for the spring and summer months. Bring some sunshine into your life?

Now for Knitting News, Part 2: if you visit the Sylvia Woods Harp Center website, you'll find a new category of products: Craft Pattern PDFs! Three of my patterns are now available there: Octavia's Garlands Lace Shawl, Octavia's Armwarmers, and Harpstrings Double-Knit Scarf. For those of you who like to cross-stitch (or if you know someone who does), Sylvia also has PDF patterns by Amy Clough of Bonnie Thistle Designs. Her amazing patterns show different types of harps from around the world - Celtic, Irish, Scottish, English, Welsh, and Egyptian. Check them out - they're pretty!

Inca Glory, $6.95 at Patternfish

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