Friday, December 9, 2011

Inga Loves Fröderick, and a contest

New today is my first official sock design: Inga Loves Fröderick. Knit in worsted-weight yarn with classic top-down, heel-flap construction, they are a quick-knit pair of socks with a lot of impact. The design on the front may resemble a traditional Bavarian or Celtic motif, but the twisted-stitch medallions on the front are actually an original design based on a leaded-glass panel. The finished socks can be left as-is or customized with embroidery in your choice of colors for a truly unique pair of socks. Worked in a dark or subdued color, and with the embroidery omitted, the pattern could be worn by a man, too; sizes are included to fit foot circumference: 7.5 (8.5, 9.5)" / 19 (21.5, 24) cm.

Contest: Why the name? The Bavarian-style stitches made Inga an appropriate name. I thought it needed something more, however, and Inga and Fröderick (or Frederick) are characters from a movie. Here's the contest: the first person to email the name of the movie and the names of the actors who played those characters to knitdesignbycaroline (at) gmail (dot) com wins a free copy of your choice of KnitDesign by Caroline pattern.* See them all here. Rest assured, I won't share your email address with anyone; I only need it to send you a copy of the pattern. If you prefer to receive the patern via Ravelry, please mention that and give me your Ravelry ID.

I enjoyed knitting Inga Loves Fröderick. The pair went so quickly! They're exceptionally cozy, too. The yarn, Cascade 220 Wool, didn't feel exceptionally soft while I was working with it, but after a light handwash and block, it feels very good on the feet. I've been wearing them all day. They may be my first sock design, but they won't be the last. More will be coming soon.

And look at that - 30 years later, ballet lessons are useful in a sock modeling career!

Buy now: $5.95 at Ravelry
Buy now: $5.95 at Patternfish

*Small print: individual design only; pattern collections not included.

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