Friday, October 12, 2012

I Love Yarn

There aren't too many holidays I can get behind. The origins are important to me, and when you find out where most holiday traditions come from, their origins can be surprising, to say the least. (It's worth investigating, if you haven't.) But one day I fully enjoy is I Love Yarn Day. That, as you may have guessed, is today, October 12, 2012. Though I must admit that I seem to celebrate it every day of the year without even trying.

That being said, can I claim that knitting in public was part of my ILY Day, since I would have been doing it anyway? Well, it is I Love Yarn Day, and I was knitting in public. Here's what happened this morning.

Right now I'm working on a pair of toe-up socks in skinny yarn (Trekking XXL, color 310 - wide self-stripes in lovely shades of green) on size 00 dpns. So I'm knitting away on them in a waiting room for about 45 minutes when the guard, Francisco, happens to walk by. It's a small waiting room; there are only two people there; this cannot be the first time he noticed the knitting. The sock foot is about 5" long. He asks, "Is that hat for me?" with a laugh. I laugh too. "It's a sock," I say. "What is it?" he asks. "A sock," I repeat. "Oh," he says. "That's nice."

Happy I Love Yarn Day!

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