Friday, August 9, 2013


Not too long ago, I was interviewed by the fabulous Robin Hunter of How to Become A Professional Knitter. You can read the interview here. I've enjoyed reading her interviews for a long time; they're reminders that even famous designers (and yarn shop owners, dyers, etc.) are ordinary people who work with yarn for a living. The first question was "Where do you find inspiration?" Among the inspirations I listed (Classic Movies, Music, and Archaeology) is another that I forgot to mention: vintage fashion.

Not long ago I discovered the website, which sells the most gorgeous authentic vintage clothing, much of it museum quality. One of the pieces for sale was a capelet designed c. 1895 made of ruby velvet and cream lace with jet beads and sequins. It's an amazing piece, and I wondered if it would work as knitwear. Guess what? It does! Several weeks and 3 skeins of yarn later, and behold: Countess of Grantham (left), next to her inspiration.

The resulting capelet is elaborate but still wearable today. It could be worn on a dressy occasion, but it would work equally well with jeans and a sweater. I'll be wearing it that way this autumn.

Countess of Grantham- $6.95
Ravelry | Patternfish

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