Sunday, March 2, 2014

Will this winter never end?

So we're expecting another snow / ice storm to hit us overnight: Winter Storm Titan, this time. They give them such ominous names, don't they? What if we named it Winter Storm Fluffy? That might make it a little less intimidating.

While I don't deny that snow can be beautiful, this winter has provided enough to last a lifetime. I've almost forgotten what leaves and flowers look like in the wild.

One thing I'll say about the cold: it's ideal knitting weather. This winter has inspired in me a deep desire to make a warm blanket. The yarn arrived last week, and the project is well on its way. It's double knit in worsted weight - the perfect project to work on during this storm.

In case you too have nearly forgotten what the landscape looks like in colors other than gray, white, and brown, here's a happy thought. The snow-covered trees above will look like this in a few (hopefully) short weeks:

Happy knitting. Stay warm!

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