Monday, January 5, 2015

This is what a designer does

This is what a designer does:

How does a person design a knitting pattern? There are steps.

The idea

First, you need an idea. For this project, I started with some friends.

These are good, dear people visiting a cold climate (my neck of the woods), and I want to keep them warm. With only a short time, the inevitable conclusion was: make them wristwarmers!

The process

My usual process:
  • Start with a general idea;
  • Sketch;
  • Swatch;
  • Measure gauge;
  • Do all calculations;
  • Write out a preliminary pattern without images and print it;
  • Knit from the pattern, making changes when necessary.
This time, was slightly different. I thought about each individual's personality, found stitch patterns that I thought would suit them, and made a sketch with measurements and pencilled charts, making all notes and row-counting tick marks are on that original page.

Once all the wristwarmers were washed and blocked, it was photo time. Enter the handy models:

The alpacas wanted in on the action, too:

Add the photos to the pattern, make it a PDF, and enjoy the end result: Circle of Friends, a nice, neat ebook containing all 6 patterns.

So now that you know what goes into making a design, are you ready to give it a try?

Circle of Friends ebook- $9.95
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