Tuesday, December 26, 2017

I have a weird job

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I love being an indie knitting pattern designer. But it can be a very strange job at times.

How many other jobs require you to go ransacking the house for mugs with science-y things on them? Digging out your 31-year-old Einstein T-shirt? Finding your laser-cut wooden cat with the gears? And then using them all in a photoshoot?

Also, I searched "geek hairstyles" and "nerd hairstyles" to prepare for my part of the modeling, and it turns out most of my default hairstyles fall into those categories. Oops. :)

But despite its strange aspects, being a designer can be lots of fun. Naming new patterns is a special joy. My newest pattern, released today, is a quick, worsted weight hat called "Temporal Wingnut." Since science-y inclinations know no age or gender, I graded it for 5 sizes from baby to large adult.

It's the first of 3 patterns in The Technobabble Collection. There's a special price for early purchasers of the ebook. Since there's only one pattern in it now, you can get it for the same price as the hat: $6.95. But you'll automatically get the next 2 patterns when they're added, effectively for free. The ebook price will increase to $10.00 when the cowl pattern is added and to its final price of $12.95 when the fingerless gloves are added. Buy it now and get a great deal!

I will tell you, knitting these patterns was addictive and went very quickly. In the space of a couple weeks, I made 4 adult hats, two sets of fingerless gloves, and two cowls. My pink set is made from a cashmere-merino-silk blend that's thoroughly luxurious.

Gotta go now, there are photos that need editing. The sooner they're finished, the sooner you get some new patterns!

Happy knitting,
~ Caroline 

Temporal Wingnut:
Ravelry | Patternfish

The Technobabble Collection:

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