Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sometimes you just want simple.

Here's a new Autumn Freebie for you: "I Fought the Lawn," a garter stitch headband pattern. Everyone needs a headband or two for yardwork or exercise. This is a practical and quick project to make for yourself or as a gift. Since each headband uses only a small amount of yarn, it's great for using up those partial skeins in your stash. Instructions for both solid and easy intarsia-striped versions are included.

Gauge isn't extremely important. Finished length is more important than finished width. Since you will most likely want to machine-wash the headband, it may be a good idea to make it a bit longer than necessary so it will still be wearable if (when!) shrinking occurs. The stretchiness of the garter-stitch will keep it usable despite slight changes in size. Mozart is a little less than life-sized, so the width of the band will appear normal on a human head. :)

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